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Assessment of flagship ‘NIDAAN Free Diagnostics and Dialysis’ Scheme in Odisha

Government of Odisha is committed to achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in line with National Health Policy and Sustainable Development Goals (Goal-3) and provide its population securing access to quality healthcare, safe and affordable medicines and vaccines. In its bid to achieve these objectives, NHM Odisha has increased its public health spending and launched ‘NIDAAN Free Diagnostic & Dialysis Services’ Scheme in January 2018. The objective of NIDAAN is to reduce out of pocket expenses and provide high standard diagnostic services to citizens of the state. Under this scheme, in-patients and out-patients are entitled to get free diagnostic services in public health facilities at all levels from Medical College to Health Sub Centre across all districts of the State. The scheme also has a provision for outsourced diagnostic services through Public Private Partnership.

In order to assess the effectiveness of the scheme Department for Health and Family Welfare, Government of Odisha with technical support from Norway India Partnership Initiative (NIPI) conducted an assessment of NIDAAN Scheme in 7 sampled districts. The assessment also intends to provide specific recommendation for improving implementation for next five years.

The specific objectives of the assessment evaluated the role of NIDAAN scheme in improving availability and access to free diagnostic services by patients; assess contribution of NIDAAN in reducing out of pocket expenditure on diagnostic services; and determine the level of client satisfaction with respect to quality of diagnostic services being provided at all levels of public health system.

More than 220 public health facilities in seven districts were assessed for the availability of essential diagnostic services as mentioned under the scheme. The public health facilities included 2 Medical Colleges, 6 District Hospitals, 5 Sub Divisional Hospitals, 45 Community Health Centres, 72 Primary Health Centres and 90 Health Sub Centres. In addition, 472 beneficiaries including patients and their attendants were interviewed in these facilities to understand their knowledge, level of satisfaction and quality of diagnostic services provided under the scheme.

The preliminary findings from the assessment were shared with the state and district officials of National Health Mission, Odisha. A detailed assessment report will also be submitted to Government of Odisha with key findings from the assessment and specific recommendations for formulating policies and future phase of NIDAAN scheme.