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Scale up of another NIPI innovation in Madhya Pradesh: Decision Support System for Frontline Workers

The National Health Mission (NHM) in Madhya Pradesh (MP), with technical support frpm Norway India Partnership Initiative (NIPI), has developed a Decision Support System (DSS) application for Community Health Officers (CHOs). The DSS application supports CHOs in the screening of under five children and pregnant women at Health and Wellness Centers (HWCs) ensuring appropriate management and referral to a higher facility for care.

Following the successful piloting of the DSS tool in Sehore district in terms of Improvement in case attended, early identification of High-risk cases and identification of common childhood illnesses, NHM MP intends scale up DSS and roll out in all the eight aspirational districts of the state.

NHM MP intends targeting to train more than 1500 Community Health Officers (CHOs) on the use of DSS applications to identify high risk cases in a timely and evidence based manner. To ensure the successful implementation, NHM MP with technical support from NIPI team, organized a state-level training of trainers on 6th Feb 2023. The training was attended by District Health Officers, District Programme Managers, CPHC Consultants, and Nursing Mentors. Participants were trained on use of DSS application on their tablets and mobile phones and they were taken through the journey of its development and Integrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illness (IMNCI) classification for under five children.

The district-level officials present at the training also prepared micro-plans for the training of CHOs in their respective districts to ensure training is completed in a time-bound period. The causes of maternal and child mortality and morbidity were also discussed to raise awareness among participants and emphasize the need for timely intervention.